Thursday, 24 September 2009

Future of TV entertainment in Nigeria

The shows being watched on TV today in Nigeria have taken a good turn, but still need more improvement because most people would still rather watch western shows on Dstv (cable TV) than watch shows that are produced locally and appear on the Nigerian TV channels.

I am optimistic that the local television industry can wax in not only quality, but also originality, variety, and creativity parallel to the leaps and bounds being made in the Nigerian movie industry, which has actually grown from an indigenous indulgence to an internationally sought after form of entertainment


Reality show KokoMansion

What makes us so stuck on satellite TV anyway? Do we get more satisfaction from knowing that we can feast our senses on what’s being beamed from across the Atlantic Ocean, or is it just a fact that Nigerian TV has nothing to offer?

Tara Reid on Taradise

Sincerely, I think it is high time we are entertained from a more enlightened point of view, from a perspective all our own, not just in music and movies, but in day time TV programming as well. Instead of looking at our selves and our interests through the eyes of the western world, we’ve earned the privilege to see the world from our own point of view.

In retrospect, there is no denying that there exist numerous television shows that cover various topics ranging from lifestyle, entertainment, current affairs – the list is endless.

Isaac and Nneka of Goge Africa.

But how would you feel about a television show that provides the entire package- A show full of provocative interests, with presentation of various issues in a single forum? How about a show that is more-or-less a gateway to introducing Nigerians to what the rest of the world has to offer, tickling the fancy and exploring people, places, culture and life in general…A show that is oriented for the African, covering issues arising from other parts of the world especially in the Diaspora; things that would be of much interest to the viewing public in Nigeria.

Many of us do travel around the world, however majority of us do not, as Nigerians we should still be entitled to have a world view, and good entertainment that rivals even the best programming in the UK and the US. Well I say it can happen, if we enjoy TV shows produced abroad, what is stopping us from enjoying the same produced at home. Believe it or not Nigeria will always be home, no matter where we’ve gravitated to around the globe, most of us are making our way back to where we started from. In that light, we can actually make things better…including TV, starting with one show at a time.

With that said, let us not forget to join the cause to Light Up Nigeria, it is after all our home and it is high time we get the best of what we deserve.

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Please take a minute of your time to fill the survey created to grasp your honest opinion on the future of TV entertainment in Nigeria. Follow the link. Thanks.

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  1. i've found most tv shows in nigeria boring and theme lacking...the quality of production is wack. There are a few good ones ard but then, how many of those are original or have stayed true or have an identity?
    TV stations and independent producers have to step up big time and invest in proper studios and studio equipment.
    Also not forgetting Nollywood, the storyline of movies they churn out en masse makes me disgusted...There used to be a standard you had to measure up to but its like everybody just assembles some known faces and just tells them what to can predict some, you are left open-mouthed the way traditional beliefs of the dark age are portrayed as reality...
    Before Nigerian TV programs can be taken seriously, they have to step up big time